Virginia’s Jim Mooney Dies Of Cancer Complications

Former Virginia logger Jim Mooney, who helped found the American Loggers Council and went on to become its president, and who later helped found the Virginia Loggers Assn. and went on to become its executive director, died October 27 at his home near Charlottesville. He was 55 and had battled lung cancer since August 2013.

A forestry graduate of Virginia Tech, Mooney launched Piedmont Thinning and Harvesting, Inc. in 1983 and was among the first loggers in the state to embrace computers as a management tool. He exited the business in 1999. He became a part time writer for Hatton-Brown Publishers in 2001, writing a regular column for Timber Harvesting and occasional feature articles for both Timber Harvesting and Southern Loggin’ Times.

October 2014

Southern Loggin’ Times magazine’s October 2014 issue features Greenville, Georgia’s Flint Forest Products, LLC, Beulah, Alabama’s Southern Harvesting, and Hamburg, Arkansas’ T&A Timber. Also highlighted was the recent Mid-South Forestry Equipment Show, held September 19-20…

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