This is Baker, the 18-month old great-grandson of Jane and DK Knight.

A smile to brighten your day!

Rough country long haul. Image submitted by Rodney Zimmermann with Triple Z Logging.

Such a great picture drawn by Kimberly Powell Vick’s 9 year old son! She says her son loves logging as does his little 7 year old brother. Their grandfather used to work in the woods, his great uncle still works in the woods and his dad grew up around logging.

“There ya go Ryan, doin’ it like Red taught ya.” Image submitted by Ryan Marchant.

Bob Lussier with his grandson Vinny taking a break on the job. Image submitted by Cindy Lussier.

Vinny studying his SLT. Image submitted by Cindy Lussier.

Catching the sun. Image submitted by Cindy Lussier.

Corrie Reel’s nephew, Lincoln, drew a picture of his pawpaw’s skidder.

Image submitted by Phillip Gore.

Flipped cutter. Image submitted by Greg Mast.

Image submitted by Ryan Marchant.

Image submitted by Mills Logging, Inc.

Stephen Clark and his granddaughter, Stevie Roby. Image submitted by Stephen Clark.

Daddy’s girl. Image submitted by Laura Slagle.

Jessica Atkins’ 2 yr old grandson reading his SLT on the road.


After a long day of work!

Jake Comer (Jackie III) age 13 years old. Son of Jackie Comer Jr., Comer Logging of Sharon, SC. Image submitted by Comer Logging.

After a day of logging, Jackie Comer Jr still has time to decorate cupcakes with his daughter Emma. Image submitted by Comer Logging.

Logging mishap. Image submitted by Jonas Traywick.

His Daddy’s shadow! Image submitted by Mills Logging, Inc.

Bill Jones from the Southern Loggers Co-op, is from Millbrook, Alabama. He is a well known industry advocate active in the American Loggers Council for many years. His grandson with him is Pierce Compton., who loves Southern Loggin’ Times.

Kinda looks like an alien! Image submitted by Blue Winstead.

Jackie Comer Sr with new Weiler Buncher. Image submitted by Comer Logging.

Image submitted by Comer Logging.

My little girl who is 10 years old packed my lunch for me one day and drew me a caption. Children are such blessings. Image submitted by A.J. Keating, Summit Logging.

This was taken in Shelby County Alabama while waiting on crew to get to the job. Image submitted by Donald Crowe.

Senior Pictures 2021. Image submitted by Jeremy Byrd.

Image submitted by Jimmy Killen.

Jay Hill celebrated his 21st birthday. He is a 4th generation logger (and avid reader of Southern Logging Times).

Jay will graduate with an associate’s degree in forestry from Lurleen B. Wallace Community College in December. He currently works with his Papa, owner of Ray W. Floyd Logging. Jay’s great granddaddy Ray Floyd was a first generation logger and also owned Ray Floyd Sawmill in Troy, Alabama. Incidentally, the wood on the mantle and fire place in the picture is black walnut cut and milled by Floyd.

The cake was made by Shelby Atwell (Jay’s fiancé) and Connie Floyd (Jay’s grandmother). Connie owns Olde Enzor Lane, a catering and cake business, in Troy.

Image submitted by Jennifer Hill and Connie Floyd.

Image submitted by Trevor Blakely.

This is Bobby Luke Short, who was born April 6, 2022. The forestry business runs on both sides of his family. One set of grandparents have a logging business in Athens, Alabama called Wrights Land & Timber, and the other set owns Real Tree Wood Corp. in Emporia, Virginia. Image submitted by Blaire Short.

While over for a visit, Tom Gilpin’s son-in-law Miller Owens (Owens Pulpwood Co.) and his grandson Tillman Owens enjoyed reading an issue of Southern Loggin’ Times. Image submitted by Tom Gilpin, 4Green Forestry, Inc.

Looks like Roberson Logging has a new boss man on the job! Hayes and his dad Hayden Roberson are enjoying a break while looking at the Southern Loggin’ Times 50th anniversary commemorative issue. Image submitted by Sherry Roberson, Roberson Logging, Scooba, MS.

Boyle Logging, LLC, Ellerbe, NC. Image submitted by Mary Kate Thompson.

Boyle Logging, LLC, Ellerbe, NC. Image submitted by Mary Kate Thompson.

Coleman Brothers Logging. Image submitted by Shane White.

Grandpa Paul Little of Little Logging with two of his granddaughters—Zoey and Jovi. They stopped by for a visit and to see their dad, Kelly, on the family’s land. The girls enjoyed skidder and side-by-side rides. Image submitted by Kristi Little.

Anderson Timber, Inc. Image submitted by Daniel Anderson.

Ronnie Barnhardt (better known as “Showtime” on the CB) with his grandson. Elam loves his Pawpaw, the big rigs and logging equipment. Image submitted by Jamie Barnhardt.

Elam checking out Dennis Logging’s equipment (with permission, of course!), Albemarle, NC. Image submitted by Jamie Barnhardt.

Timberjack with his Timberjack. Henry Green, owner and operator of K.P. Green Logging from Bristol, Florida. His handle is Timberjack and he still puts this antique 450C to work when needed in the log woods (or for a little yard clean-up). They are both getting older but still are hard workers! Image submitted by Dillan Green.

Grandson Coop hanging out with Grandpa of Oak Ridge Forestry. Equipment courtesy of Gilliland Logging. Image submitted by Oak Ridge Forestry.

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