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Contaminants: Water, Air, Sludge

In hydraulic oil, typically less than 0.1% water is considered excessive. Water can slow the filtering process; react with additives in the oil to produce other contaminants or acids; and reduce the lubricating effectiveness of fluid. Less…

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Why Is Oil Viscosity Critical?

Viscosity measures how much resistance there is to fluid flow. It is frequently referred to as the thickness of the oil. Water is thin in that it has low viscosity; mineral oil is thick in that it has high viscosity. Hydraulic oil viscosity can…

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Down & Dirty, Part 1

In the world of “clean,” particle size is defined in microns, an ideal measurement used for measuring things smaller than the naked eye can see. A micron (µ), short for micrometer, is a metric unit of measurement equal to one millionth of…

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It’s Time To Winterize

Southern loggers and their equipment may not have to cope with the brutally harsh winter conditions faced by their Northern counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can ignore colder weather challenges. Here are a few simple…

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Battery Selection, Care

Batteries for forestry equipment have become increasingly expensive in recent years. With many skidders and other machines requiring more than one battery, it’s more important than ever for loggers to make sure they’re getting…

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