Machine Upkeep




Battery Selection, Care

Batteries for forestry equipment have become increasingly expensive in recent years. With many skidders and other machines requiring more than one battery, it’s more important than ever for loggers to make sure they’re getting…

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Choose The Right Grease

The proper grease application to machine components regularly exposed to water and other contaminants is essential to maintaining forestry equipment. Grease acts as both a lubricant and sealant to protect components such as bearings, universal…

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Guard UP!

Most discussions about maintenance for forestry equipment focus on protecting machines from wear and weather, but theft and vandalism are also costly. Equipment lost or out of service due to vandalism or theft can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year and can cause...

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Condition-Based Maintenance

By Dean Hayes, Territory Customer Support Manager, John Deere Condition-based maintenance (CBM) can help increase productivity, lower daily operating costs and extend the life of the machines in your logging fleet. Unlike periodic maintenance, where service occurs at...

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Stretch Your Fuel

High oil prices are making the cost of fuel an increasingly significant part of every logger’s budget. Whether your operation includes just a few machines or a few dozen, fuel-saving practices can have a real effect on your bottom line. Fuel awareness should be the...

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Benefits Of Telematics

Logging is a production-driven business where machine uptime is critical, so any tool that can help keep your equipment running today and well into the future is well worth considering. One of the newest and most productive of these tools is telematics, the...

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