Enviva, the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, recently released its latest Track & Trace sourcing data, marking one year of public reporting and two years of tracking the company’s sustainable sourcing practices. These data are a key tool used to measure, maintain and validate the Enviva’s sustainability practices throughout the Southeastern United States.

“We developed the Track & Trace system two years ago to provide unmatched transparency into our supply chain and to make important information about the health of the working forests in the Southeastern U.S. available to the public,” said John Keppler, Chairman and CEO of Enviva.

This dedication to supply-chain excellence has garnered attention from sustainability experts throughout the forestry supply chain. “Enviva’s Track & Trace is a remarkable display of business transparency, and sets a new precedent among energy producers,” said Bastien Sachet, CEO of The Forest Trust. “Enviva is committed to innovation and to forest preservation,” Sachet added, “and the Track & Trace program is one of the reasons we’re proud to have them as a member of The Forest Trust.”

“Marking one year of public reporting on Track & Trace is an important milestone for Enviva. From the beginning, we set out to make these data about our sourcing practices easily accessible to the public, so policymakers, customers, partners and others can see for themselves the positive impact of Enviva’s responsible approach. Over the past year, Track & Trace has told the story of the thriving forest environment in the Southeastern U.S., and we are pleased to report that this latest dataset continues to support that trend,” said Jennifer Jenkins, Enviva Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer.

Track & Trace is a proprietary data system that enables Enviva to monitor every truckload of wood the company procures from the forest or sawmill, including details about the wood’s unique characteristics and origination.

Read more on this from Enviva at http://www.envivabiomass.com/media-center/envivas-latest-track-trace-data-confirms-sustained-forest-growth/.