Written By: DK Knight

Haley Hill, 23, died at Athens Regional Medical Center in Georgia after being removed from life support systems last week, Oglethorpe County Sheriff Mike Smith said Thursday (August 27). She had been hospitalized since Monday, after she was allegedly shot and thrown from a moving truck by her former boyfriend, Ryan Edgar Arnold. She was declared brain dead on Wednesday but her body was kept alive through artificial means to preserve organs for donor recipients.

Arnold was wounded by police after he led officers on a chase, engaged them in a rolling gun battle, hijacked a logging truck and shot its driver. The driver, 58-year-old Paul Donald Davis of Madison County, was shot by Arnold when he refused to ram police cars at a roadblock. Authorities said Arnold commandeered the 18-wheeler and crashed it into four police vehicles, at which time officers opened fire on the truck, incapacitating Arnold. A family member of the trucker said Davis was shot five times. Arnold was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon and was held at the jail in Athens pending his pick-up by Oglethorpe County deputies.

He already is charged with feticide, as Hill’s unborn child was dead upon delivery at the Athens hospital, officials said. He is also charged with kidnapping with bodily injury and multiple counts of aggravated assault. Murder charges are expected now that Hill has died.

Source: The Athens Banner-Herald