Western Star Trucks recognizes “time is money” for every logger. For over 50 years, the company has built their heavy duty trucks by hand, one at a time, to ensure every truck is built to last on mountainous logging operations. Western Star also has a long history of supporting America’s logging industry, and this year hosted the American Loggers Council Summer Board Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

ALC members had the opportunity to tour the Western Star assembly line and view the latest truck technology the company is developing to improve safety systems and other features that help meet the unique needs of loggers and truck operators working in the woods. ALC members visited the company’s Product Validation Engineering facility to experience how the company tests their trucks and new technology, and stepped inside the company’s innovative wind tunnel that is used to improve the fuel efficiency of their trucks.

ALC members also had the opportunity to tour Daimler North America corporate headquarters, where they discussed the latest industry trends with Western Star President David Carson and his top marketing and product development staff. ALC Executive Vice President Daniel Dructor thanked Western Star leadership for their support for the ALC, which is made up of a coalition of state and regional logging associations and councils. ALC represents more than 30 states across the U.S.